How to hide section on landing page in Onyx branded theme


I'd like to hide the the instructor, course contents and possibly the course curriculum from the landing page.

How would I do that?

I'm using the Onyx branded theme right now. Although I keep checking to see if any of the other themes make it easier to do so.

Thanks so much,


Hi Judith,

I have great news for you! Very soon you'll be able to easily remove and rearrange sections on your landing page. If all goes to plan, we're expecting that to be available by the end of March.

If you need this to be done sooner than that, here's a video for how you can do that in the Onyx theme:

Any new implementation timeline for this feature, Catherine? I would rather not have to go the customization route.



Hi David!

Sorry for the delay on this feature! We're definitely very close to releasing this and we're in the final phase of testing. We're just making sure that there are no issues once it becomes available to everyone. Thanks for your patience!


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