revisions, quizzes and videos in PDF lesson

Hello Thinkific,

How does thinkific handle PDF lessons revisions?

Do you add a quiz within the PDF lesson or in Thinkific course creation?

Do you embed videos or video links in the PDF lesson or in Thinkific course creation? How do you link the PDF lesson or ebook to the Thinkific video library?

I have a Word Document that I export to PDF, then use Thinkific to create a PDF lesson, see

My problem is how do I do the next steps like I revised the PDF, do I republish in Thinkific? The PDF tells the student to take a quiz, can I provide a thinkific quiz link in the PDF?


Jeff Jensen

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Hi Jeff!

Happy to help.

If you need to update a PDF, it would be a case of reuploading the new file.

You cannot add a quiz within a PDF lesson, but you can create Quiz lessons on Thinkific. More on that here.

If you want to link to a video lesson or a quiz from you PDF then you can do that. First, make your Video lessons and Quiz lessons. Then, grab the link to those lessons in the course (whilst previewing as a student). Put those links into your document that you then save as a PDF and upload that to Thinkific as a PDF lesson.

Feel free to get in touch if you have any further questions at all.



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