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 Hello! I'm new to Thinkific and I'm wondering how to create pricing tiers. I see how to add pricing options. But I'd like to have different prices for different amounts of content if that's possible. Also, how can I list the details of each price package on the landing page like is shown in the Ice Cream theme?


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Hey Nevin,

Welcome to Thinkific!

You can use Additional Pricing to give multiple pricing options for the same content (i.e. course) - e.g. a payment plan vs a one-off payment.

To offer different amounts of content, you would need to create different courses for each. You can then make the courses with extra content Upsells from the smaller course.

Both Upsells and Additional Pricing are shown in the same section on a course landing page - the "Related Products" section. If you're using the Ice Cream theme, then once you've created your Upsells, they'll show at the top of the page in the Related Products section.

I hope this helps, but let me know if you have any questions.



Thanks! I'm still not sure how to get the price options to include a list of features for each tier. I'd like it if I could get them to look like the Thinkific page if possible.


Hey Nevin!

This will require some custom markup from you or a web designer (you can find some Thinkific experts here:

Here's some inspiration!

There's a great tutorial here on how to create the markup for your pricing table:

You can switch the HTML view of your course description editor and add your custom HTML there. It may take some time to get it perfect but don't worry, if you need help just give us a shout! :)

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