Align Custom sign-up fields with "Your Profile" fields

There is a problem with field repetition in "your profile" when using custom sign-up fields. 

For example:

You say that for Quaderno integration there MUST to be a required custom country field on the sign-up page. I also added a "company name" field at sign-up, since that info is important to me.

However, once signed up, in "Your Profile", I find there are fields for company name and country at the top - these seem to be there by default? They are blank. Then the custom fields (for those same two items, company and country) show below that, filled in from the enrolment form. 

That duplication makes no sense and looks amateurish.

I guess I could remove my custom company field and just hope for the best or encourage people to complete that in their profile after sign-up. But for the country one, you tell me I have no option but to add a custom country form to the sign-up page if I want to use Quaderno to correctly allocate taxes - which means there is no option to avoid this duplication in the profile page.

(Another issue with custom fields is that, taking the country example again above... for Quaderno that must be set to "required". On the sign-up form that is then the ONLY field that is marked as required - which looks weird and suggests to the user that first name, second name for example are optional, which they are not).

So, requests are:

1. Provide proper alignment between what shows on the sign-up form and the fields in "your profile"

2. Improve the indication of what is "required" on the sign-up form (using a * is fairly universal and less intrusive?)

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Hi John!

Thanks for the feedback. There are definitely some things that need tidying on the user fields side.

The Company field is on our radar to tidy up. And I have good news for you on the Country field! We just removed the one that was on the My Account page by default, so you can now add a custom field for Country to your site and it will only appear once on the My Account page.

That's a good point about the required fields too - I'll pass this onto the product team, but you can also go here to submit your requests directly to them:

Happy to help if you have any questions!



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