Quizzes - Can I use randomized questions/a question bank on Thinkific?

Our Quiz lesson type is a way to provide quick tests to your students, allowing them to assess their progress and how well they're doing.

If you need a more robust exam-type environment (e.g. question banks, question randomization, and so on), then you are able to achieve that using our integration with Brillium (more on that here).

Or, if you find an external quiz builder that supports these features, then you may be able to use their quizzes within Thinkific using the multimedia lesson type.

I hope that helps, and just let us know if you have any questions!




Does this mean that Thinkific isn't going to be improving their own quiz functionality? I don't mean question banks, I mean things like randomizing answer choices, providing additional question types, and allowing custom question names (instead of dynamic numbering). 

One of the (many) great things about your product is that it's affordable. But if I have to also look (and pay) elsewhere for more flexible tools, that affordability disappears. And I start to feel nickel-and-dimed. 

Thank you,


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Hey Tonya!

Thanks for the great question! We totally understand that if you're having to go outside of the product, it isn't ideal.

While we work towards making Thinkific the ultimate online learning management system, feedback like this is crucial for further development. We definitely plan on improving every aspect of the platform, including Quiz Lesson types.

That being said, there are many tools out there that can be of great use to you that specialize in testing and many offer free plans. Just keep in mind that in order for the Multimedia lesson to work with another tool, the tool must be iframe-able. You can usually find this out by testing this, asking their customer support, or checking the tools help documents.

I hope that helps!

- Aaron

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Hey @Aaron,

Thanks for the response here. You noted "there are many tools out there that can be of great use to you that specialize in testing and many offer free plans" - would you be willing to share a few of these options that you and your team are aware of?

Hi Tonya,

Some alternatives to our built-in quizzes and exams that you could take a look at are:


Google Forms


I would definitely check out ProProfs. From a quick look at it, it looks like it's the most robust in terms of exam-type features. It can also be added to a course using the multimedia lesson type.

Or for a survey/quiz tool that looks awesome and has some additional functionality in comparison to our quizzes, Typeform is a favourite of mine.



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Could you explain further how you use ProProfs by using teh multimedia lesson type?  



Hi Michelle!

Sure! If you create your quizzes using ProProfs software, then you can use an embed link that they'll give you to create a multimedia lesson on Thinkific. More on multimedia lessons here.



Hi -

I am also interested in integrating more options for quiz's. I currently use google forms -- my concern is that students need to login to 2 accounts (Thinkific & Google) in order to make this work... and I also need to work through different platforms. Not a huge deal, but just one more inconvenience... It would be wonderful if Thinkific considered extending capabilities of your internal quiz platform. Just another plug for considering that a priority.


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Hi Moira!

When you say that students need to log in, is it that they need to enter their email address/name on Google for their answers to be associated with them?

If so, you may be able to add a customization to your site that automatically sends this information over from Thinkific to Google. Please get in touch if you're interested in discussing that further :)



Is there any update on when randomized questions/quiz bank functionality will added to Thinkific's available features? 

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Hi Doug!

Sorry, we don't have an update for this yet but you can definitely put your vote down for this feature through this link: 



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