How to handle cancelations when using external carts for enrollment with Zapier)

I see how to use Zapier with an external cart to enroll new members to a course or bundle, but what about when a user wants to cancel his membership? Let's say my course is a monthly charge. It seems like the support for external carts only "works" for one time charge/enrollment. Is there another Zap that can "unenroll" a user from a course/bundle?

Hi Rob!

There isn't a Zap for unenroling, but what you should be able to do is set up your enrolment Zap so that it will set an expiry date on the enrolment for, e.g. one-month's time.

This means that if a payment fails or the subscription is cancelled, the student's enrolment will automatically expire at the end of their billing period.

Conversely, each time a successful payment goes through the Zap should fire again and extend the enrolment by another month.

We have some info on that in this article:



Hi Catherine - when I try to access that link it says that I do not have access


Whoops, sorry about that! If you try again now you should be able to access the article :)

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