How do you add a blog to your Thinkific course mainpage?


I was wondering how you add a blog to your courses mainpage? Can you do this within Thinkific the theme without needing to go to Wordpress or somewhere else and set one up?



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Hi Matt!

We don't offer a built-in blog feature right now. If you need something fairly simple then you could use our Additional Pages feature.

That said, for best results I would recommend using an external blog platform like Wordpress and linking your Thinkific site to that using Custom Links. We have lots of customers doing that and it works great :)



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any updates to this? a year later - does thinkific still not have a blog feature?

Hi there!

Sorry that we have not provided an update though at this time given the abundant options for different platforms that specialize in Blogs, and our feature of additional pages as noted by Catherine, we have not focused on our own blog feature. We've been putting a lot of focus to improving the overall student experience and supporting course completion and hope those help out!

Sorry to not have more immediate response there though there are no immediate plans for our own blog feature!

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