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The course has only two videos

I wonder if someone can explain what does it mean when a student has viewed 100% but completed only 50%, or viewed 50% and completed 0% 



Hey Rodrigo!

Happy to help.

If the student has completed 100% of the course but viewed a lower percentage, e.g. 50%

This means that the student completed the course previously and new content has since been added in. This is so that students who completed the course in the past do not lose their completed status if you make updates later. But, if you do want students to log back in and complete the new content, you can adjust their status by hitting the "Recalculate Completions" button whilst viewing the Progress report for your course (shown below).


If the student has viewed 50%, but completed less, e.g. 0%

For certain types of content, there's a difference between viewing and completing the lesson. For example, for quizzes and surveys they can be viewed, but they must also be filled out/passed before the lesson is marked and complete.

I hope that makes sense! Happy to help if you have any further questions at all.



Thanks Catherine , it was a good explanation and now I understood what happened..


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