Audio on Video

Hey everyone. I've uploaded 3 videos and when I save them on my computer, the audio plays fine. But when I upload them here, the audio doesn't seem to be attached. Any help or suggestions would be great. Thanks!


Hi Eric,

Ah yes, I checked out your site and I see what you mean!

Please can you check that you used our recommended audio specs when exporting your video?

If that doesn't help, so that the team can troubleshoot this for you, please can you send over one of the original files that you uploaded? (E.g. via Google Drive). It would be useful to know which program you created the files in and the export settings used.

Looking forward to getting this figured out for you!



Thanks, it was actually a problem with the active presenter program, but I got it fixed now. :)


I loaded my video and they played fine two weeks ago.  Today they have some how shifted and it only shows the top of my head in the video.  This wasn't the case before.  How do you fix it?

Hi Becky,

Looks like the dimensions of your video aren't quite right - I sent you an email with some more info :)



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