Stripe isn't supported in my country, how can I accept payments?

If Stripe isn't supported in your country, there are a few other options for accepting payments:

1. You can apply to use Stripe Atlas which enables entrepreneurs to incorporate a U.S. entity so that they can accept payments through Stripe. To find out if Stripe Atlas is right for you explore the FAQ.

2. You can integrate with PayPal. For detailed instructions on connecting a Paypal account click here. Please note that the PayPal integration is not available with the Starter plan, but an option with any of our other plans: Essentials, Business and Advanced. 

3. You can accept payments outside of Thinkific and then either a) manually enrol students to courses,  b) issue coupon codes to students, or c) make courses hidden and supply students with the course link. 

4. On our Business plan, you can link another payment gateway with your site via Zapier.

5. On our Advanced plan, you can integrate your Thinkific site with a payment gateway of your choice using our API.

*For a full list of Stripe's supported countries click here.

*To be notified when Stripe is supported in your country sign up here

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Why is Paypal not available with the Starter Plan..I was all fired up to create my first course on Thinkific. This came out as a bummer. Stripe isn;t supported in my country (India). I can used Paypal Express Checkout if you allow.

Please help

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Hi Anand,

The way our PayPal integration is built means that it cannot be available on our Starter plan right now. Full disclosure - we don't have a way of taking our 10% transaction fees with our current integration, which is why it's on paid plans only.

Apologies as we know this isn't ideal for countries where Stripe isn't available yet. Improving our PayPal integration is one of our priorities for this year. For now, as you don't have the option to use Stripe and if you're not ready for a paid plan just yet, we'd be happy to give you a free trial of the Essentials plan until you're up and running. If you get in touch with us directly then we'll take it from there!



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Hi Jorge,

Welcome to Thinkific!

If you reach out to us directly with your site URL, we can get you set up on a free trial.

However, you may not need to set up a Shopify integration - Stripe is currently on Beta for Brazil, so if you get in touch with them they may be able to give you an account. (We do have other customers in Brazil, using Stripe successfully already)

Happy to help if you have any further questions at all.



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Option 3 is not an option for starter plan since "manually enrol students to courses" and "issue coupon codes to students" is not availabe on starter plan


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Here in Brazil, Paypal and Stripe are not popular because they do not accept the main forms of payment that we use. I suggest reading this article:


That said, is there any way to integrate payments with other players in the market? Here in Brazil we have several companies that deal with payments, the two largest are PagSeguro and Moip.

The Thinkific and Teachable course platforms are much better than the ones we have here. I've tested a lot, but unfortunately whenever I get into the payments part, I encounter the same problems with any other company outside Brazil.

What about Payoneer?  Can payments be accepted through Payoneer?

Hey Ivo!

Thanks for sending over that article! Whilst Stripe and PayPal are the only payment gateways that we integrate with directly right now, you might also be able to integrate with a gateway that works for you via Zapier. I'd recommend searching Zapier's list of apps to see if they have some that work well in Brazil.

Alternatively, if you have a developer on-staff, then you do also have the option of integrating with a payment gateway of your choice via our API

Happy to help if you have any further questions at all.



Hi Carleen!

Currently, we don't have a native integration with Payoneer.

However, if you are on our Essentials plan, you can integrate with Paypal to set a price then use another processor (like Payoneer) to accept payment for your courses. 

Thank you, 


Thank you Oliver Chen, I applied Stripe and  I am creating my entity.


I am from the Dominican Republic and I almost left when I saw that the basic plan could not be used with Paypal, which is one of the options available for my country.

I suggest that you clarify that other payment options can be used with the Starter Plan because Stripe is not an option for many countries. Many people want to try first prior to subscribing to the Essentials or Business plans.

Also, including an integration with Payoneer might me a good option as they accept global payments.Please check:

Hi Anne!

Thanks for the feedback. We can definitely look into integrating with Payoneer. You can submit this request to our product team through this link:



Is stripe available in India? heard its part of beta release in india. is there a  way to get registered for it?

You can sign up here to stay updated about the beta for India.

Hi, we are trying to implement the option of enrolling students manually.

Instead of the price info, can we add, in the COURSE page, a link  to our own site where the  internal payment process is done?

We are figuring out the best way to guide the client through the buying process, any examples or ideas for this?

we appreciate a lot your help in this!!!

best regards,


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