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Is Thinkific still thinking of integrating with Wordpress?

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Hi Noman!

What specifically are you looking for in terms of a Wordpress integration?

The reason I ask is because, if you have an existing Wordpress site that you'd like to integrate with your Thinkific courses, you may be able to do what you're looking for right now! Check out this article for more info.



Hey Catherine!

Let's say I have a wordpress site and have already had my users "Login" to that site (where we have all their data and credentials. Can we pass that on to thinkific (SSO) so that they don't have to login again if we're doing that white label approach and embedding thinkific into our wordpress site. We really want to make this a seamless experience for our users so they only have to login once, and be able to access everything.

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I have the same need as Jordan above. Any way to pass along user information?

Hi Christie!

We do have an SSO feature that is available on our Advanced plan. With this, your students only need to log in to your wordpress site and can access your courses on Thinkific from there. You can check out this article for more info:

You might need a developer to help you set this up. 

Hope this helps!


Thanks, Oliver! 

Can this be set to recognize if the user has a particular level of membership within the WordPress site, and therefore grant the correct level of access to courses?


how i connect my courses to wordpress post 

Hi Christie!

You might have to talk to your developer to see if they are able to set this up. You will be using the API to integrate both sites together so it might depend on the custom application that you built that connects both platforms together. 

Hi Tapiwa!

Can you provide a bit detail on what you mean by connecting your courses to wordpress post?


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