How do I integrate Thinkific with my existing website?

If you already have an existing website (e.g. hosted on Wordpress, Squarespace, etc) and would like to integrate it with your Thinkific courses, then here are some tips for that:

1.  Personalize the URL for your Thinkific site - Our custom domain feature allows to have your Thinkific site available at your own domain; so for example, if your existing site is at then you can customize the URL for your Thinkific site to have it at or another subdomain of your choosing. That way, as far as your students are concerned, everything will appear to be handled on your own website.

2. Brand your Thinkific site - Head to the Branding page of your admin dashboard to customize the site colours and logo to match your existing site.

3. Include a link to Thinkific as part of your website's navbar - E.g. add a navbar item called "Courses" that links out to your Thinkific site. On our side, head to Advanced Settings > Logo URL in your dashboard to make the logo in your site header link back to your website.

4. White label your Thinkific site - as part of the Business plan, you're able to remove the Thinkific branding from your site pages.

5. Link directly to checkout - if you're using your existing website as the sales page for your course, you're able to link directly to the checkout page on Thinkific. Here's how

I hope this helps! And if you have any additional questions, just let us know below.

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Any recommendation for Wordpress themes that resemble Thinkific's site?

Hi Adam,

No spring to mind right now, but as Wordpress and Thinkific are both fully customizable you should be able to tweak both sites to get them looking as similar as possible :)

It might be worth posting this in our Facebook group too as I'm sure somebody there will have some tips for you.



Do I need to publish my course before taking the baove steps? Or can I start the subdomains and connecting to my site before I publish the course? Neither are dealbreakers, I'm just curious if I need to or, not, as I'm still tweaking stuff.

Hi Andrea!

You can definitely set up your custom domain before publishing your course.

I wouldn't necessarily recommend adding the link to Thinkific on your external site, unless you want site visitors to be able to see your site before it's ready.

That said, adding the link could be a good way to generate some pre-launch interest! How about putting up a quick pre-launch landing page, with some free content that people can sign up for or an email opt-in?

The way, when people find and click on the link you're already gathering some leads ;)



I am just starting out. Do I need a website? why? Can you share Pros and Cons?

Hi Mukul!

You don't need to setup a separate website if you don't want to as it mostly depends on your preference. Some of the pros of having a website is that it gives you more flexibility to add more content in the form of blogs, contact pages, and any non-course related material. Many Thinkific users already have an established business and so they use Thinkific to supplement this and simply looking to add to their existing site. If you're starting from scratch, one con is that this is additional work that you're taking on. 

So if your main goal is to create courses and sell them, you can start with a Thinkific site. This will give you most of the tools you will need. If you're looking to offer more that just online courses then you can definitely start looking into creating a separate website. 

If you would like a bit more info specific to your case, send us a quick message through:



I am trying to find information about what is available to customize with white-labeling. Do you have an example and list of areas to customize. For instance, can we change the name of things like "Survey Questions" we want them to b called something else so they are more their personal journal entries and it implies nobody is reading their answers - that's just one thing we are looking to modify. Thank you.

Sari (Tracee's Web Lady)

Is it possible to embed the school landing page into my website, rather than having an external link via the nav bar?

Hi Sari!

You can take a look at this article to see what text you can modify through the Advanced Settings page:

You also have access to your site's HTML and CSS which lets you modify almost any element on your landing pages. 

However some things inside the course player, such as Survey, can not be modified. 

If you have other areas you want to change, shoot us a quick message through this link:

Hi Eleanor!

You can embed the school landing page on your website but it might not create a good experience for your students as they will your entire Thinkific site in a small frame within your site. It would be better if you create a link on the nav bar and customize the Thinkific site to look like your website. In this way students will still think that it is part of your site.

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