Can I set up prerequisites for my courses?

If you'd like to set up a sequence for your students, where the next course can't be accessed until the previous one has been completed, the way to do that is to make all but the first course in the sequence hidden. Students are only be able to access hidden courses if they're given the direct link to the course landing page (i.e. they're hidden from your site landing page, all courses page, etc) so you can hold off giving out the link until the prerequisite course has been completed.

To automate giving out the link to the next course, you can include it on the course completion page and/or in the automated emails triggered when a student completes the course.

Any questions about this? Let us know below!

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Hi Catherine, I understand what you are telling. 

Can prerequisites be done for LESSON's ... not course.

I would like this future to added very soon in thinkific which will set them apart from its competitor and make it's one of the best platform for course creators looking into step by step course creation. And wan't students to complet one LESSON, before moving to others.


Arun Kumar Sharma

Author at courseincome (dot) com

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Hi Arun,

This method only works right now if you've split your content out into separate courses (which you then bundle).

Lesson prerequisites are definitely on our radar for the future, though! And I know it's not quite what you're looking for but, for now, you could use a drip schedule to control when a student has access to your course.



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Yea agreed this would be great, something like:

"Must complete lecture 5 before lecture 6 gets unlocked"

Drip is time based so is not what I am after..............I want my students to be able to show that they have understood the material, otherwise they could miss out on crucial learning as they jump ahead to lecture they want...............

It will be a great way to ensure students are successful if we can control thier path and not allow them to move around as they see fit and miss key learnings.

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I agree.  This is a must, otherwise people just pick and choose the "juicy" content.   A simple list that shows contengencies.   

1 click to make the lesson Contentgent on others. 

A panel of previous Lecture / levels.  Mark the boxes for the ones that must be completed first.  

Simple.  and necessary. 

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Hi KD,

Absolutely agree with you on that one. The best way to make sure your feedback gets on our radar is to submit this request directly to our Product team at:



Hey Catherine! I'm on board with the rest of the group here. Are you getting a lot of requests for this on the prodpad side of things? This is something that would be invaluable for our courses. The lack of this capability to have prerequisites and requirements among chapters and individual course content pages is something that might be detrimental as we are trying to get our courses accredited. Is adding this functionality something you may feasibly add to the LMS? If so, I'd be happy to discuss with your product team some ways you may want to implement this.

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Hi Jordan,

Prerequisites are a feature request that comes up fairly often, and it is definitely something we're looking at implementing in the future. I'd love to discuss your ideas for how you think we could implement this. If you can go here to send us a direct message then we'll take it from there:

Thanks :)


Hey Catherine, 

Any update on this?  I've had some coding done on one of my Thinkific sites to make this happen, but just before I put the money into getting coding done on my new Thinkific site I just want to check it's not close to release as a standard platform feature? 

Hi Sharon!

This is definitely on our radar but don't have a specific date for implementation. I'll add you as another vote for this feature!


Thanks Oliver! :) 

Please add me as another vote for this feature - both on the Lesson and Course levels.

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Please add me as another vote for this feature (pre requisites for each Lesson). does it perfectly with the "you have to stay on this page for x amount of minutes before you can move to the next step" and they do not allow any skipping around. For now, I'm going to break the overall course into multiple courses with the certification requirement to prevent skipping around. Feel free to try that as a workaround, everyone. Good Luck.

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Hi Catherine.

While this could work in theory I see a lot of potential problems for this. The only way it works, is if the user purchases the next course as a one off payment, which lets be honest is probably not going to happen too frequently. Getting the first sale is hard enough, which is why I have opted for a recurring or subscription payment - but this is where the problem starts....

If someone is signed up to my program on recurring, they essential purchase the first course and this is the course that their subscription payment is tied to. 

If that user then completes the course and is given a link to to the next "hidden" course (rather than making them remove their subscription and sign up again) then they are essentially getting the URL code for a course they will have free access to for life - even if they cancel. They may also choose to distribute this hidden course to their friends or family making the whole idea of hiding courses quite unappealing for anyone on subscription.

The only way a hidden course would work is if the user is manually assigned the next level, within the dashboard. 

But then I can't see any option to make the course "not for sale". 

What is your solution here... 

Many thanks, 


Hi Andy!

If you're looking to manually enroll them into the next course, you can set the subsequent courses as private. In this way students won't be able to enroll themselves and you would have to do it through the admin dashboard.

Hope this helps!

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