Can my students sign up via Facebook?

Currently, students can sign up for your Thinkific site via LinkedIn. Facebook isn't an option right now, but we are definitely considering adding additional social sign in features in the future! If you'd be interested in having sign up via Facebook available for your students, then please let us know by upvoting this thread.

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Yes, please allow students to sign in using Facebook

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Would love to see social sign in via Facebook and/or via Google. (Or is this already available as part of the Advanced plan?)

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Hi Larissa!

We don't have additional social sign-in features available as part of the advanced plan as standard, but it may be possible to build this via our API (if you have your own development resources, that could be an option for you).

Thanks for the requests (Google is another great one for social sign-in) - I'll flag this for the team.



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Definitely the use of social sign-in like Linkedin, Facebok and Gmail is a great feature, users doesn´t have to memorize another password and it would reduce the chance of login sharing..


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Yes, please. It would be very useful. I've read many comments on our Facebook group asking for this feature. Thank you!

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Sure... why not.... I would love that!

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Yes please!

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Facebook log in is a must. Please consider  !

Would love this feature!! 

Yes, I so agree, Facebook sign up. Thank you Catherine for telling me I can now utilize Sam Cart with your upgraded zappier. not that I know how to do it, but I'll figure it out some way. So happy for that. I may have to call you because I'm having trouble getting some of these courses on and it's not the programs fault, it's my own!

HI Vivian,

We're here to help if you need anything. The best way to reach us by sending us an email from this page. We can then set up a dedicated time to talk with you if you need walking through anything.

Before you do that, though, I'd definitely recommend you check out our free training course on Thinkific, as that will help you get to know the system.



I would also like to see Social Logins (Facebook and Google) added.

Yes, Facebook signup option please. 

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