How do I link my external sales page to checkout on Thinkific?

If the sales page for your course is hosted outside of Thinkific (e.g. on Leadpages, Unbounce, Wordpress, Squarespace, etc) then you can still send somebody directly to checkout - you just need to find the correct link to use!

That can be found by previewing your course landing page on Thinkific, right-clicking on the buy button, and then selecting to copy the link address (screenshot below).

Once you’ve done that the correct link will be in your clipboard, ready for you to paste and use when creating your CTA on your external sales page.

Each product (i.e. course or bundle) will have its own specific link to checkout, and the format of of the URL will look something like this:


***Important*** Don’t use links in the following format as they won’t work:

https://courses.thinkific. com/checkout/new?token=b0bdfaf33a0a49e5b28806587a3d9b0f

(You’ll get these kinds of link if you copy-and-paste the URL from your browser’s address bar whilst on the checkout page itself. The key is to right-click on the button rather than left-click)

As an alternative, you can also embed a sales widget into your page to send users straight to checkout. More on that here

Any questions about this? Let us know below!

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For some reason when I add pricing on my landing page it does not show. It instead shows the course page and takes me to course and says Resume Course. I am not sure how to fix this. 

Hi Sneha!

Usually this is because you're signed in as the site admin. If you open up your site in an incognito window (hit Ctrl/Cmd + Shift + N if you're using Chrome), you should see that buy button there.

I hope that helps, but please get in touch if you're still having issues.



I cant get my "Enroll" link because I started the course, so it only gives me the "resume course" link.  

How can I get the enroll link I need?

Hi Judi!

The easiest way to do this is to open the course landing page in a private/incognito window in your browser.

You can also temporarily log out too :)

If you have any further questions at all, then just let us know.




Additionally to external sales pages, I'd like to also do the checkout with specific payment methods on my own website. How is this supported? Can I, for example, give a participation code or url to a course buyer? Is there other ways to handle the situation?

Thank you for your valuable help.

Hi Laura!

You can use the coupon code for this! Once the student has paid on your site, you can send them a coupon so that they can sign up without paying again. You can also manually create and enroll the student into the course. Lastly, if you payment platform is supported by Zapier, you can use it automatically enroll the student once payment is successful. 

Hope this helps!


i have sold the course separately on my website. i now want to know how students can access the class.

i assumed i would give them a link but now that i have finished the editing and all i see that it links to the website... which is awesome but too late for me.

how can i register the students to see the course?

or which link do i give them to sig into it?

thank you

Hi Fernanda!

If your course is free, you can send them to the course landing page. Students will then be able to enroll in the class themselves. If you have set a price on your course, you could send them a 100% coupon so that they can register without paying again. You could also manually create and enroll their accounts into the course.

Hope this helps!

To lead to check out page,we use https://<domain>/enroll/238587 url, but once we enter the url we see the routing happening to

Can it be avoided by not letting the url changed to and keep our domain name itself instead so as to give the students a feel of they not moving out of the website.

Hi, During check out process we see that the check out page takes us to a different domain called

Can this be avoided?

Hi Prasad!

Yes it can and this is possible through our Custom Domain feature and then we set your custom address as your primary address! Send us a help ticket from your site owner email and we can get this done quickly!

but how does it work on a macbook air? If I try to right click, it goes directly to the checkout page (doesn't show the checkout page link address) thanks.

Hi Pat

This sounds like you need to enable the secondary or right click on your mouse or trackpad. You can do this on the Mac under the Settings and adjust for Trackpad and/or Mouse.

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