Do you offer an integration with GetResponse?

Whilst we don't offer a direct integration with GetResponse at this point in time, you are able to integrate your Thinkific site with GetResponse (and pretty much any other software out there!) using our integration with Zapier.

Our integration with Zapier is available as part of any paid Thinkific plan and they themselves offer a free plan, with a premium plan available for just $20/month!

For more information, check out these articles/pages:

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Who has a good lead page tool and email autoresponder that will integrate with Thinkific?

I am currently using AWeber but the lead page creator tool is not good.

I heard Get Response was good but have no idea.

With Get Response I would have purchase Zapier?

Can you suggest a better alternative?


Zapier does have a free plan, which as you're getting started should work well for you.

If you'd prefer a direct integration with Thinkific then I would check out ConvertKit.



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