Can I import my existing students to Thinkific?

If you already have a bunch of students enrolled in an existing course on another platform, you have a few different options for moving them over:

  1. Manually enrol them - you are able to create and enrol individual users from the Users page of your admin dashboard (here's how). This works great if you have a smaller number of students to move (e.g. 25 or under) and want to make the move as smooth for them as possible.
  2. Send out coupon codes  - create a discount code for 100% off your course pricing and send it out to your existing students, allowing them to enrol in your course on Thinkific for free (more on coupons here). This the most efficient option for larger groups of students, as it requires much less admin than manual enrolment.
  3. Take advantage of our bulk student enrolment service - we offer a service where we can import your existing users and get them set up with enrolments in your Thinkific course. This is a case of send over a filled-out CSV file (which we'll provide you with a template for). We'll then process the import for you (this usually takes around 2-3 business days). If you're interested in this service, you can request a quote here.
And if you have any general questions about this, please let us know below!

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I'm new here so bare with me. If I do a bulk import of say 1,000 people I'm not sure how that would help me. Would I just sent them all an email and tell them I "added" them? Do they still have to "enroll / register" with name, email and password? 

Stupid question but that's how I learn.


Hi David!

Not a stupid question at all!

If you do a bulk import then they'll be no need for the students to enrol with name, email, password, etc - they can just go to your Thinkific site and log in using the credentials that we set up for them.

To let the students know how to log in, you can either:

1. Use the automated site welcome email that you can set up from the Notifications page of your admin dashboard - just let us know before we process the import that you'd like the welcome email to be sent out to your students. 

2. Send them a message after the import; e.g. using the mass user email feature.

I hope that helps!



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